Husqvarna Models & Poulan Pro 400e Chainsaws

Husqvarna Chainsaws

Husqvarna makes construction equipment. Starting from chainsaws to remote demolition robots, they have a wide range of equipment for both building up and pulling down. They are one of the top companies in the world, and are known for their top quality products.

When it comes to chainsaws, Husqvarna is known to make some of the most powerful in the business. They believe that the only good chainsaw is a powerful one, and even if you go in for their supposedly bottom line home-use chainsaws, you still get the most kick for you buck with them.

Husqvarna Models

Husqvarna saw

They have two different models of chainsaws in their product line, one is their 18 inch long Husqvarna 450 chainsaw and the other is their 20 inch long 455 Rancher. Both of them are ditto to each other, except for the fact that the 455 rancher has a 2 inch longer blade.

In terms of cost they are a little on the expensive side. While you can find a number of quite serviceable and adequate electrical chainsaws for less than $100 these cost $370+. For the simple yard work that they are going to be used for most of the time, this may seem like a bit of overkill.

Yet they have two things going for them. One is their power. There is simply no other chainsaw that gives you as much power as they do, and if you take the 450 it weighs in only at 14.5 lbs which is very decent. You don’t have to be a hulk to carry this around and use it.

The second is the convenience of being able to use it without any encumbrances. For example if you had a small tree that you needed to prune, imagine the difficulty involved with an electric chainsaw. Starting from having a long enough extension chord to the wire getting snagged everywhere on branches, you’d be lucky if you got off with your limbs intact.

The Husqvarna gives you the freedom of operation that you expect in a chainsaw and although many people may think that the vibration would shake their joints lose, the newer models are not that bad. They have special dampers, and the design of the crank itself has been improved to both dampen vibration and give better fuel economy.

Even in case you want to replace anything, all parts are available very easily online. You get chain sharpening equipment which will keep your blade sharp for longer, and if it gets too worn down, you can even replace the chain. Even the fuel and oil is available online if you have any difficulty in purchasing them.

They are also very well put together, and you get absolutely no problem with them like you do with the cheaper ones. The plastic parts are all solidly made, and you don’t get the feeling that after a couple of uses, the whole contraption will just shake itself to pieces.

Husqvarna Brand

Husqvarna is a well respected name when it comes to this kind of equipment, and if there is any negative at all in them it is that they tend to be a little on the expensive side. Yet if you are going to really need a chainsaw, as in going to use it rather than just have one lying around to give that macho image, then the price is not too high. They are very reliable and last years, and apart from filling up their fuel and oil containers, do not need anything else in the form of maintenance.

Husqvarna 455 Rancher Chainsaw

Husqvarna 455Chainsaws are macho. They are a man thing and most men want to own one, even if they are not going to be using it more than once or twice a year.

The simple thing about chainsaws is that most men want them as powerful as they can get. Yet with most of us being in the physical condition that we are in, we also want one that is lightweight, and small enough so that they can be handled easily.

This is how the small, for-yard-use chainsaws saw the light of day. People who want to have a small machine that they can use to trim their trees, prune branches, and even shape their bushes can very easily do it with a chainsaw.

What we look for therefore is a chainsaw that packs in more power than anything around, yet is small and convenient enough to be used even by novices. The Husqvarna 455 Rancher is one such machine and we are going to take a close look at what exactly makes it so good.

Description and Features

The 455 Rancher is like any other chainsaw. It has a 20 inch chainsaw powered by a 3.2 HP gas motor. The chain is self oiling, and you get the mandatory guard for your hand too. In terms of product description, it is just the same as any other chainsaw that you can get in the market.

The Pros

The good thing about this machine is its power. People who have used other similar, small chainsaws all agree that the Husqvarna is the most powerful machine there is. You just set the choke on, pull the start chord, and the engine starts up smoothly. You toggle the simple, but large start/stop switch to switch on and stop the chainsaw.

Many people in fact say that it is so powerful that it can be used for light commercial work, and that it can even cut through small trees easily. For those who really need a chainsaw, this model would probably be the best chainsaw they can get, unless they want to go for the much larger industrial grade ones.

The Cons

The only thing negative about this model is its price. It costs nearly $385 and if you need a chainsaw only for trimming down your herbiage once or twice a year, you really don’t need this one. You can go with a similarly sized but much cheaper electrically powered one, because they keep better.

Apart from this one thing, there is really nothing bad about this machine at all.


Getting the Husqvarna 455 Rancher all depends on what you want. If you only need something to cut a few bushes once a year, a simple pruning knife would do. If you want something more macho you can get an electrical chainsaw. You really don’t have to spend $400 on something only to set it on a shelf for months on end.

If however you really need one where you live, and are going to be using the chainsaw for at least two times a month, you will very soon find that the electrical ones just do not cut the mustard. What with the wires having to be pulled along wherever you go, you really don’t have the freedom of movement that you will want.

The 455 Rancher is the best bet for you here, and since you are going to be using it often, there is no problem with the engine clogging up on you. If you feel that it is expensive, think of the amount of use you are going to be putting it to, and how many years it will last and all of a sudden it does not seem so expensive anymore.

Poulan Pro 400e Chainsaw

Poulan Pro 400eA chainsaw may not be what the average Joe, or Jack may want in his home. There are very few times when anyone would want to use a chainsaw for anything. Yet just like a tool kit, there are times when it will be invaluable, and having one around for those times is a good idea.

There are only two things that you want in a chainsaw in this case. You want it to be cheap, and you want it to be able to do the work that you want to do.

While there are monsters that can chew down entire trees, they are only going to be useful if you are going to be cutting down trees for a living.

For your home, a relatively small, lightweight, but powerful chainsaw is what you need. Poulan has such a model for exactly this purpose. It is the Poulan Pro 400e.

Whether you need a chainsaw or not is something that you will have to decide, but if you do want one, you may want to compare the different ones that are available, and below we give you a comprehensive review of the Poulan Pro 400e.

As chainsaws go, there is no difference between one and the other. The 400e has a hand guard and a large start-stop button that is easy to operate. Because it is electrically powered, you just plug it in, press the button, and you are good to go.

The good

  • It weighs in at only 14 lbs.
  • It has a 4 HP motor that is good enough to cut down small trees in just a couple of minutes.
  • The wrap around handle ensures that your hands do not get injured, even by splinters.
  • It comes with a anti kickback blade tip, a very good feature considering that most users would not have too much experience in using a chainsaw.
  • It comes with an automatic chain olier which keeps the chain oiled and therefore well lubricated.
  • The fact that it is a electrically powered machine means that the amount of noise you generate is much lower than the traditional gas powered chainsaw.
  • It also features an 18 inch, solid steel guide bar.
  • The whole machine is double insulated, which means that there is no grounding through the machine. This also means that you can use it in any standard 120 volt socket.

The bad

There’s very little that is negative in the Poulan Pro 400e. It gives more than enough power and is light enough for anyone to use. If at all you want to gripe about anything you can say that you need a really long extension chord because it will not operate without electricity. This means that if you don’t have one lying round, you will have to get one, which is an additional cost.

The verdict

If you want a simple, chainsaw for odd jobs around your home and yard, there is nothing better than the Poulan Pro 400e. There’s no maintenance that you need for this machine, apart from giving it a good clean before you set it aside, and because it is electrical, all you have to do is to plug it in and press the starter switch to get it working.

At $80 it is a bargain, and unless you really don’t need one, there is no reason for you to go with a gas powered one, even if it is cheaper. You cannot start them after laying them aside for a couple of months without servicing the motor, and you also have the noise and smoke. Even though this model uses electricity, it’s not too much of a drain as long as you don’t stress the motor too much. If you take things nice and easy, you end up using far less than even you think you will.

If you have your own home with a yard and a couple of trees and other shrubs/bushes, you can do far worse than getting one for yourself. They last a long time, and will have repaid you ten times their cost by the time you feel you need to replace them.

Industrial Power Tools for Hardwood Flooring & Woodworking

A wood floor sander for all types of hardwood flooring

wood floor sanderIf your hardwood floor needs refinishing, then you need to either buy or rent a wood floor sander. There are a few type to choose from, Belt, Drum, Orbital, Disc and propane.The top models to review include, American Sanders Floorcrafter, EZ-8, American 8, American 12, OBS-18, OBS-18DC, 3DS, Sander 1600, Super 7R, Super E – Extension Edger and Eagle.

You can refinish all types of hardwood floors with a floor sander, from Maple, Oak, Cherry and Fir. From rough cut sanding to precision finish sanding if you are a professional wood floor sander, then
you need a power floor sander

A great place to compare and review the various type of belt and orbital sanders available for hardwood floors is online. If you plan on using it only once then I suggest renting a sanding machine from a local tool rental outlet, or you can hire a professional to do the job. Be aware of the specific type such as the dustless or dust free model. Look for the trusted names, Lagler, Parquet, Alto, Bona, and Clarke.

Powermatic drill press for industrial use

drill pressPowermatic tools are handy power tools that any workman would appreciate in his gargage. The Powermatic Drill Press 1150 has a standard slotted base and a heavy duty spindle and quill assembly. This drill press also has a rugged head casting that is the heaviest on the market and supports the 2 3/16 inch heavy duty quill assembly to maintain accuracy throughout the length of the stroke.

The Powermatic Drill Press 1200HD provides the power at very low speeds to drill and tap larger holes. This power press has drive components that increase efficiency and permits reversing operations that are not normally possible.

The other different models from Powermatic include, the 1140A, 1200, and the Powermatic 1150269 1150HD drill press 1 HP 230V. Powermatic also makes other power tools including planers, planer molders, sanders, table saws, jointers, band saws, and scroll saws. Look for these discount Powermatic tools online as well as other drill presses from Craftsman, and Delta that come in corded and cordless styles.

Powermatic planer models for woodworking

There are over 17 different Powermatic planer models on the market. Powermatic power planers are available in stationary and portable, these are heavy duty industrial machines that are designed to be used in a commercial woodwork or furniture shop.

All planers use cast iron base, table, and head, perfect for heavy duty use. The table surface is precision-ground and polished for a smooth working surface. Four cutter knives provide easier
cutting and a longer motor life. Anti-kickback fingers prevent your fingers from being in harms way. Choose between 2 hp, 3hp, 5hp, 7 1/2 hp and 15 hp engines.

Powermatic wood planers to review include, 708532, 708526, 708524, 708529, 708531, 708528, 1791209, 1120003, 1791210, 1791261, 1791262, 1791280, 708584, 1791296, 1791297, 1791295 and the 1791306.

Flooring nailer models

nailerWhen it comes to installing any type of hardwood floors, you will need a flooring nailer. There are a few choices, such as pneumatic or manual floor nailers. One is air powered and the other nail tool requires elbow grease.

Some of the features you should look when reviewing floor nailer models includes:

  • Find a flooring nail tool that minimizes wood splitting and at the same time can allow for expansion and contraction of flooring materials
  • An Ergonomical design is important, less fatigue and more efficient workingMake sure you choose a lightweight floor tool.
  • Check for rubber bumpers that protect against marring pre-finished flooring.

Top brand names compare and review include, Stanley Bostitch (S3297-LHF, MIIIFS, MFN200, MIIIFN), Porter-Cable (FCN200) and Powernail (45, 45R, 445 LS, 445 SN, 200, 250). Find all the models of air powered floor nail guns listed above for cheap discount prices. Also if you need nails and staples for your next hardwood installation then consider buying your materials online.

Biscuit Jointer

The biscuit jointer is a gift to the woodwork business when two parts of wood need to be pieced together to form a joint. Biscuit jointing is quick and easy to master. The jointer can help fix several pieces of wood panels to together like for table tops or shelves. Other suitable methods like tenons and dowels can work here too but with biscuit jointing; it is fast!

The idea of a biscuit jointer was first formulated in 1955 by a dexterous engineer and cabinet maker named Herman Steiner. He thought of making a solid joint by cutting slots on the surface of two wood parts then joins them together using an extremely dried and oval-shaped wooden biscuit which is glued into the slots. Hence the name biscuit jointing.

This saw the invention of the biscuit jointing machine, a small circular saw that has a diameter of 100mm with tungsten carbide tipped blades. The biscuit jointer is your portal to creating professional joints especially at the corners of two wood pieces. The power tool bores perfects slots on wood pieces that need to be fixed aligned side by side or for expert looking edges. For this reason the tool is often required when making picture frames, cabinets or shelves. These household items always have a smooth finish on the edges thanks to the biscuit joiner.

As said earlier, using the biscuit jointer is a piece of cake for an amateur or a professional. All you have to do when using this resourceful tool is to first bring the working pieces together then make markings on the areas where the biscuits are going to be fixed. The measurements for the markings need not be accurate since the biscuits will be concealed when the wood pieces are joined. However for a strong joint the slot should be fixed a little bit to the center but not far from the ends.

Once the pencil marks are made, the wood pieces are separated and the biscuit joiner brought to cut the slots on the wood surfaces. Accuracy is never compromised with the biscuit jointer; the center line of the blade has reference markings that will align with the pencil marker. For good results the biscuit joiner works well on a table saw surface.

The machine’s blade part gets spring loaded on the wood piece in the same way it is going to be withdrawn. The biscuit jointer then makes the cuts by applying pressure on it to push it forward onto the surface of the wood piece. The wood dust will be blown out of the slot as you work so you really don’t need to worry about cleaning the slot after each cut.

The biscuits joints are much flexible than dowels or tenons; this is because the slots are cut longer than the biscuits so it’s simple to slide the wood panels sideways before the glues dries. This whole idea makes the biscuit jointer the ideal tool for perfect joints without the need for super accuracy or jigs.

The biscuit jointer is quite adjustable when variation of the slots is a necessity. Accessories are also provided for easy use of the machine. A lot of advantages accrue but the bottom line is; you don’t need to be dead-on to make a perfect joint.